can you say italy ?

25 May

ive falling into another dream of mine . ive always wanted to travel . a lot . and yesterday i hear of my latin class going to italy in june 2011 . fuck yes sign me up . . except for one small thing . . the price to go is 4198 mother fucking dollars .

its still a possibility really . . ill be making a thousand dollars this summer cause of baby sitting ., my dad said he will pitch in a thou too . plus my grandma and grandpa are both discussing tossing me the rest .

all sounds fantastic , until i consider whats coming up this year . . like me getting my license and a car . which if i didnt go to italy , id have a thousand in the bank for my insurance , license , and startings for a car .

it would be an amazing experience , but i feel like id screw myself over financially . 

who knows at this point . but i have 2 weeks roughly to decide . .


Tough Love : Mother Fuckin Couples Finale

24 May

YES . im totally nerdy about this show , i love it and i love to make fun of it .

i love steve ward , and his strange relationship with his mom , but none the less that dudes legit .

as for the contestants there really were no real surprises . mario and christina , AKA the mistrustfuls , ended up being the biggest shocker . . for stupid reasons . mario was nervous about giving up his playboy life style for christina , but ended up proposing to her in the end . christina obviously didnt get the memo and was ready the whole show to get married , and showed up without a wedding dress on . . which meant she wanted them to break up . mario sucked it up and proposed , and she of course , said yes .

my favorite moment though was when pawel and danielle , AKA the role reversals , and shocked the whole place by both agreeing to get married . seriously , they were fighting the night before , and ended up being the most touching engagement ever . pawel may be a complete douche , but he sure knows how to talk .

so those were the highlights on this ridiculous show . its like my degrassi [for you jewzi] .

though i gotta say . . steve ward next season should drop his mom from the show . its just fuckin weird him discussing relationships and sex with his mom . dnw on my tv screen . INCEST .

Celebrity Apprentice Finale

24 May

or should i say , most extravagantly rocked hair styles that have ever been collected in the same room .

honestly half the hour i was trying to decided whos hair was more fucked : cydney laupers , donald trump , bret michaels , or that dudes in the audience thats hair was straight up to the ceiling .

once all the time filler bull drained out , holly robinson peete [whom i dont know wtf shes famous for] and bret michaels  graced the boardroom . both wearing more than wtf worthy clothes , holly with her straight off the las vegas streets dress and bret classing it up with his worn out jeans and signature bandana , the real show finally began .

bret being pennsylvanian born and raised i had to root for him , which actually turned out well


B-rad won the show .

shiz . .

23 May

i should say hi , but that just wouldnt be me .

lets start off by saying instead , i dont like people much . thats good enough aye ?

this would be my first blog ever , and me walking into this not expecting much , well it should be interesting to see wtf i can come up with . other then my bitching and critizing of all that i hate [which is abundant] ill be telling of my tales at this pretty life changing crossroads im at , ae. wtf im gonna do after high school .

now wheres my “i posted my first blog post and can live to tell about it” t-shirt ?